"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." -Galatians 2:20

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leaving the Land of Tulips

I spent my last Saturday hanging out with Hendrieka, one of my friends here, in another city here in Holland called Haarlem, which is only about 15 minutes away by train, visiting the house of Corrie Ten Boom.  If you don’t already know, Corrie and the rest of the Ten Boom family were Dutch Christians who helped many Jews escape the Nazis during WWII, using their house as a hiding place for them as well.  After surviving the holocaust, Corrie became a public speaker and traveled the world telling her story.  She wrote an autobiography that also became a movie called “The Hiding Place.”  Look it up, read it—awesome story.

THE hiding place - entrance through Corrie's linen closet

the family bible

Going to this house was probably one of the coolest things I have done here in Holland.  The story and history of the Ten Boom family is an incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness that is not only neat to learn about, but really inspiring, and a perfect way to spend my last weekend here in Holland.

For my last two weeks at the Lighthouse, 2 volunteers showed up – 2 guys from Florida.  Sam and Jimmy are in college and just decided that they wanted to come and volunteer with the Lighthouse for 2 weeks this summer, so they got a lot of things done in the building such as painting, waxing floors, etc.  They also helped out with the homeless ministry, which was really opportune actually since in the last week we lost one of our men that helps out with the homeless ministry because his wife just had a baby, so he is busy helping her out.  What was kind of funny for me was the fact that hanging out with these 2 guys was almost weird for me at first, because I had gotten so used to being with people who weren’t American and all the sudden this odd phenomenon phased me: these people are just like me. Haha.  It’s really interesting how much you have in common when you come from the same country, and you don’t really think about it until you are in a situation of displacement.

My last week here I think I was in denial that I actually had to leave.  Cramming in last minute time with everybody to have meals, and “goodbye BBQ’s” was crazy but I loved every moment of spending time with all my friends here.  This place definitely felt like another home to me and I was sad to leave it.  God has shown me so many beautiful aspects of Himself through the time spent here in Amsterdam this summer and the people that I have met.  I am so blessed to have been able to do everything that I did here…the only thing I didn’t get was wooden shoes…oh well. haha

Goodbye Amsterdam, maybe I’ll be back soon…

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